United Christian Women is an international, faith-based non-profit organization, recognized and approved by the IRS of tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3). As a public charity, United Christian Women provides women everywhere with access to a supportive community, programs, and events that are geared toward spiritual encouragement and life fulfillment. By uniting women across the globe, our programs and social events foster an inspirational environment for women to fellowship, learn, and grow with one another.

Your financial contribution to United Christian Women will ensure that the vitality and quality of our mission carries on and is made available to more women globally. Your gifts will also help us to expand our scope and continually enhance the vision that God has placed within us for the organization.

We take pride in making sure that responsible financial stewardship is executed in our mission and 100% of the donations that we receive go toward charitable programming and operational costs for United Christian Women.

Join us in encouraging women everywhere. God bless you!



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