It’s not about the destination…

Posted on March 11, 2014

…it’s about the journey.


When traveling along your “journey” of life, you will face unforeseen circumstances. There will be times that you encounter unexpected road blocks or bumps in the road and unpleasant weather. There will also be times when you come across a detour that leads to something greater than you expected and perfect, sunny skies.

As we all know, every day will not be perfect.

As we travel along this journey – with God on our side – we come to see that the unforeseen circumstances all add up to a greater good. By encountering the challenges, we develop strength to overcome the tough times and grow into a more confident Christian. By encountering the triumphs, we get to experience the power of the Lord and the testimonies of being a follower of Christ.

The challenges are just as important as the triumphs!

In Romans 8:28, we are reminded of this. The Bible says:

“All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”


Does this mean that it is easy to overcome every challenge? No.

Does it mean that God will make a way for you to become successful and bring Him glory? Yes.

Something that I remind myself about is that the devil is always busy and he is always up to something. We need to understand and grasp that the higher you go, the better you do, the more that you serve God, the more the devil is going to send distractions our way. Therefore, it is critical that you and I consistently are cognizant of this and stay prayed up, striving to be wiser and more discerning about identifying and overcoming the devil and his antics.

Ultimately, we have no need to worry. If we keep God first and listen carefully for His instructions, then even if we fall and struggle with the challenges, we will undoubtedly be successful in the end.

Traveling along your journey may not be easy, but with God on your side, you can accomplish His goals for you with patience and persistence.

Jesus never loses. Therefore, as a child of God, we are born to win.


….it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.