About Us

United Christian Women is an international, faith-based non-profit network, comprised of Christian women as individuals, communities, organizations, ministries, and religious groups, united in serving Christ through mission driven social activities supporting Christian values, within member communities. United Christian Women serves as a resource for its members to connect, learn, grow, and serve with other like-minded women locally, nationally, and internationally.

United Christian Women Founder Connaé Raquel Pisani encourages the world’s diverse population of Christian women at any age, who are passionate about their relationship with God, to unite in creating a global network of inspirational and encouraging support, as they develop a stronger personal relationship with God. United Christian Women members can experience the unique benefits of fellowship, friendship, and service, as they embrace God’s spirit through evangelism and service, to gain a greater sense of self awareness and purpose.

United Christian Women is a non-profit delivering a measurable impact with demonstrated action and results, located at the intersection of church and community through ministry and social enterprise.

United Christian Women, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in good standing with the IRS. The organization, incorporated in the State of Michigan on January 25, 2008, maintains its headquarters in Houston, Texas.