Our Founder

Among predecessors of powerful and influential Christian women figures comes a fresh inspirational voice for the new generation of rising Christian women, Connaé Raquel Pisani. Connaé is quickly being recognized as an authoritative voice in the areas of service, educational motivation, self empowerment, sisterhood and the unification of young Christian women throughout the world.

As founder of United Christian Women, Connaé has been featured as a keynote speaker to mass audiences throughout the nation, and worked alongside some of the most notable leaders in ministry today including; Bishop T.D. Jakes, First Lady Serita Jakes, Pastor Paula White, Bishop Gary Oliver, Pastor Toni Oliver, Pastor Timothy Ross, and others. United Christian Women’s rapidly growing network of women reflects her influence in the world of Christianity and shows the support of the 20-30 year old demographic of Christian women looking for a new voice to unite with along their journeys.

Originally from Michigan, Connaé founded United Christian Women while studying in college. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a B.S.E. in Civil Engineering, Connaé’s journey quickly began as she found herself traveling the world, working on high-profile engineering projects in the oil and construction industries.

Having lived and traveled extensively around the world, Connaé has been able to utilize her life journey to reach out to and touch the lives of people around her. It is through these interactions with diverse people from all walks of life that Connaé has been able to chronicle her experiences and the experiences of others to continually build an organization that embraces the body of Christ and unites women of God.

Through the tests and testimonies along her journey in life, Connaé continues to acknowledge God’s mercy, love, and grace that has guided her to where she is today. She recognizes the importance of keeping God at the center of her life and makes it a personal priority to spread His love to His people. By humbling herself before the Lord and seeking Him to continually guide her steps, Connaé takes seriously her role in helping Christian women discover their purpose by living a God-centered life that inspires a new generation to faithfully serve Him. She also encourages women to pursue a solid education and successful career, give back to the community, motivate others, and build healthy, life-long friendships.